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Britons opt for a pill to stop drinking

Excessive consumption of alcohol is a serious problem in many parts of the world, where many citizens go drinking beyond what is advisable, whether we are talking about products such as wine, spirits or beer. Without neglecting the preventive measures and traditional treatments to overcome alcohol addiction, British health authorities have approved the use of a daily use...



The future's corkscrew, questioned

Some time ago we talked about a new device called Coravin, promising to retain the benefits of wine for longer by injecting inert gas through the cork, replacing the air inside and allowing its use without removing the cap, preventing the natural oxidation of the content, so the wine would maintain its flavour and aroma for much longer.



Scientists develop alcohol-detecting “radar”

Enjoying wine, beer or spirits in moderation and prudence is very important to avoid accidents, since drinking and driving is one of the factors that most influence mortality on road, a problem that, year after year, despite the efforts of authorities, remains a concern for society. Other countries, in addition to applying classical control methods, are performing research...