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Best temperature for wine

 TAGS:Physics, mathematics, all those hours at school without finding the meaning of any of them and suddenly, while reaching adulthood and landing in the wine world, you realize that those subjects are very necessary for ... getting the right temperature for wine and choosing the most delicate wine vintage. Accuracy is essential (and a good wine cellar, like those in which you can...



Dehydration: the new way to age wine

 TAGS:I think I can even hardly breathe so shocked I am. If anyone reading this post on the subway, please look for a place to sit. The point is that you know that we are always trying to find the best wines, the best vintages, the most effective ways to store wine (recently we talked about how to vacuum your wine bottles). But the future is here and, frankly, I do not know if we're...


UK beers

 TAGS:The UK beers subject is world apart and almost enough for writing half encyclopedia (ah, you no longer have ... well, then to write an eBook) because there are really many varieties of beer, centuries of history, and always differences regarding the ingredients, that's not counting external aspects so you, see it's needed to spend a good while to get to understand just a ...


Sweet wines from southern Spain

 TAGS:Spain is one of the countries of the world in which the quality and variety of wine is more prominent internationally, especially since, in recent decades, local producers, institutions and numerous appellations of origin have taken care of these areas, traditionally reserved to a few varieties.

Apart from the famous wines -reds and whites- of Rioja, Ribera del Duero and...


Social media beverages

 TAGS:New forms of marketing also make their way between among wine, beer and spirits producers, who do not get in the past and bet on social networks as a means of dissemination Who does not have a Facebook profile nowadays? Well, I do not, but that is the rhetorical question that had raised in many businessmen minds while they stay behind their stills and vats, concluding that if...