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The best value for the wines of Rioja


Rioja wine is the most popular wine in Spain, and one of the most recognized worldwide. Some of the best Spanish wines are produced each year in the Rioja. This beautiful region offers spectacular harvest (cheap and easy to drink wine) as well as great wines with the best value for money, some of them among the most appreciated by the critics. Do you want to taste them? Today we present you some of the best wines of the Rioja with the best value for money:


5 Riojas for 2014


La Rioja is the most famous Spanish wine region worldwide. This region has the effect of a mirror that reflects, for over a century and a half, the richness of Spanish wines and of the numerous other Denominations of Origin of this beautiful country. A meticulous care of the vines and the technical development of these great wines have been so successful that the other regions soon adopted those techniques.


3 winter pairings


Winter invites us to gather around the table and enjoy traditional dishes, roasts and stews that warm the body. It is the best time of year to accompany meals with wine of character that enhance the taste of delicious dishes of this season and so in the following lines I propose three winter pairings.

One of the popular dishes of winter is the roast lamb. The roast lamb is a dish of great power that is necessary to accompany with a red wine with a distinct flavor in which one can note the aging. Thus, a perfect pairing with a roast lamb, would be an excellent reserva such as Tondonia Reserva 2001 Viña.

The Vina Tondonia Reserva 2001 is a wine that reflects very well the traditional methods that are still used in the Lopez de Heredia winery. The harvest was excellent. Now to see it in the glass you can appreciate its ruby color and the nose offers a world of shades reminiscent of vanilla. In the mouth it can not be better; it is the ideal companion to a special occasion.

The warm salads are one of the dishes that we eat more in winter. We can not let the chance to eat a light yet fool of flavors meal. If the warm salad is accompanied by hunting, much better. The ideal accompaniment to a warm quail salad is a Pétalos del Bierzo 2009.

Try this wine Bierzo DO is an experience. The winery has been able to get the full potential of the Mencia grape and is affordably priced. It is at its best. Its spicy, licorice and coffee combine perfectly with the subtle flavors. The nose is fruity and has a very interesting final with a touch of menthol.

But surely, winter is mushroom time. Although mushroom casserole with ham, garlic and parsley can be accompanied by very varied wines. Perfect with Auzells 2011. The modern bottle contrasts with the traditional mushroom casserole. The taste of this white wine is very well defined, it is sweet and has mineral notes typical of the Riesling variety, which, along with mushrooms, transport you to the field. This wine is also a wine of high quality, easy to take and ready to conquer even the most demanding palates.

Today we recommend two great wines for this winter:

 TAGS:Perelada Cigonyes Blanc 2012Perelada Cigonyes Blanc 2012

Perelada Cigonyes Blanc 2012



 TAGS:Consigna ChardonnayConsigna Chardonnay

Consigna Chardonnay




French or American oak?


When we speak of oak, it always seems that there is unanimity that the French oak is better than the American oak. It is said that one can see it in the wines which aged in those barrels. The wood also leaves its mark on the precious perfumed wines, much more in the French ones than when it was a barrel from US. 

This was demonstrated by Matías Calleja, a winemaker from Beronia in London who, during a lecture a few months ago, explained that the main difference between the two origins lays in the aroma and tannins. The first is noted in the case of French oak, while the second is the main quality of the American oak.

When tasting, although it was the wine from French oak barrels which received most votes, the difference between the two notations was not too explicit.

The secret is in the mix

The knowledge of oak which in bodegas is very important. It helps combine successfully the essence that aromatizes the wine: more spice in the case of French oak and toast, with hints of coconut and chocolate, in the case of American. At that one must add the vanilla aromas each particular wine can develop.

There are other options: Some wineries use Central European oak, or Caucasian, who come from countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Bosnia and Poland. Those are woods which are said to have a high potential of aging, not as tannic and much cheaper.

Other wineries opt for the Spanish oak, although It has good quality, there are few companies that exploit it, and hence the difficulty of getting to great wineries.
Finally, there are also wineries which are beginning to bet for other woods like acacia or beech, especially for white wines age in which we seek the expression of the grape tannins above.

What type of barrel your favorite wines are aged in? What shades provided do you most like?

Today we recommend 2 great (and well- aged) wines:

 TAGS:Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001

Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001



 TAGS:El Coto Crianza 2009El Coto Crianza 2009

El Coto Crianza 2009