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5 DOs from Iberian Peninsula and their best food pairing

The Iberian Peninsula gives us endless possibilities to pair its culinary offerings with its excellent wines. I am a fan of most of them both and so in the following lines we will do a review mini pairing guide style going through 5 denominations of origin from the peninsula with their best culinary combinations.

We will start by DOCa Rioja. My proposal is Azpilicueta red...



White Garnacha, a treasure of the Mediterranean

The Garnacha Blanca wine is a mediterranean variety that derives from a mutation of the Garnacha Noir. From the 40.000 hectars that exist in the world, 25.000 are located in the spanish Mediterranean, between Navarra, Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia.

 The area that developped and protected the White Garnacha the most, is without any doubt the region of Terra Alta. In this...


Winter is here: the 5 best wines for the lowest temperatures

We cannot leave home without a coat and this does not look like it will improve for another few months. We have to prepare ourselves for the cold and what it is best for that is to gather some good wines to warm us from the inside. Needless to say that it is much better to buy them online, because then we avoid the fight against the elements while we save some time we can...


How many times should a vodka be distilled?

Have you ever heard about Vodka Jean Marc X.O.? Or more important, have you ever tried it? Today I write about vodka but rather than talking about vodka labels (which you know by heart for sure) I would like to dedicate some lines to the importance of the distillation process that has a direct influence on the quality and the final...



What do you orefer, blend or monovarietal?

Who do you love more, your mom or dad? Would you rather blend or varietal? Come on, there are things you do not ask, mostly because there is no need to choose. Let's see, you cannot have everything in life and that is why we know that in one bottle we cannot have both the varietal and the blend, but who says we cannot have a bottle of each?

Now that we have established the...


Don't believe the wine experts...

I keep defending my theory, shared by many, that you do not need to believe the wine experts (you don?t really have to listen to their advice) in order to buy the best wine, which is none other than the one you personally like most, we are thus subjective.

But marketing is a powerful tool that has helped brands and wineries which have had the good fortune of having taking a...


Top beer consuming countries (and II)

In the previous post I left you yearning for more, but it was only due to space and time reasons. I imagine that many people are looking forward to know both the classification of countries where more liters of pure alcohol are consumed, such as those in which more beer is drunk per year. And that's what I came to offer today. The 10 countries in which more liters of pure...


Whiskys to celebrate Scotland's National Day

Scotland's National Day in honor of its patron, St. Andrew, is gone and the best way to celebrate it that I can think at this point (and please, do not ask me what time of the day I'm writing this post or you are going to draw some conclusions) is with good local whisky. Let's get a list of perfect Scotch to celebrate, to make a present or to end the day enjoying the...


The favourite drinks of celebrities

The variety of drinks on the market is so big that every decision we take, directly reflects our preferences and personality. Today I want to inform you about the favourite drinks of some celebrities.

Queen Elizabeth II: The favourite drinks of the Queen are Gin and Dubonnet with two ice cubes and one slice of lemon without seeds. This information became public...


Wines from Cigales: richness and taste

In our review of the diverse Spanish Denominations of Origin, today it's the turn of the wine of Cigales, in Castilla y León, located in the northern area of the Duero Valley, comprising zones of Valladolid and Palencia.

It's a DO that is gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to the efforts of cellars and producers which seek to promote it. According to the regulatory...