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Robert Parker: the importance of rankings

Sorry for Robert Parker fans but I'm not convinced at all about the whole Parker concept. In general, I could not care less what gurus say as I don’t give a damn about everything that seems to be overly commercial. Let's see if Parker starts to give very high marks to Spanish wines I will rejoice, I will support and I will also picked up the story, but because I believe that...



Large winemaker groups in Spain

Spain is becoming internationally more and more known for its wines. It was about time. This is always good news, especially when you consider the high quality that prevails in most wine regions of this country. There may be who gets surprised to know that Spanish wines have always been until recently virtually unknown out of its borders. Even in some European regions, Spanish...


Organic wines

Organic wines are a trend. No one can deny that in these days all that bears the name of ecological sells a lot. It is true that the price of this kind of products is usually higher (although in the case of wine, not always happens like that), but the consumer of such goods rather pay a little more for something that is elaborated in a certain way.

Foods without...


Best syrups for the best cocktails

For me it is impossible to talk about the best cocktails and not to mention the syrup, but not anyone in general but Monin syrups in particular, because they work the essence of flavor like no other and, moreover, this year they celebrate one hundred years enriching and improving all cocktails that have them in their recipes.

After my best friend came back from his revealing...



Weissbier: the best beer for the summer

A terrace, a sunny afternoon and a beer in your hand. Can anyone imagine anything better than this? Well, in case that heat is starting to dry out your gray matter I am going to suggest an improved version of that utopia: vacations, sitting down on a terrace with nothing to do (zero obligations, that word does not exist anymore), a sunny afternoon in the small town of Weiden...


The surprising wine from California

California is the fourth largest wine producer in the world, ranking first place in wine consumption in the United States, followed by Florida and then New York. The truth is that California wine has gained worldwide recognition due to the richness and variety of soil conditions and microclimates that exist in that area.

In this state there are 107 American Viticultural...


Wines with their own appellation of origin

Many times we are guided by the Denomination of Origin when buying a wine, but there are cases when the opposite happens, that first taste of a wine leads us to the rewarding experience of discovering a whole new appellation which was unknown for us before. Such events still deserve more attention when we realize that the whole Appellation of Origin consists only in one cellar. ...


Argentinian Rioja vs. Spanish Rioja

Considered the elixir of the gods in ancient Greece, wine is one of the most popular drinks around the world. Given its importance, on January 30, 2012, Wine Enthusiast magazine published the results of the competition to choose which is the best wine region in the world, with candidates in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and the United States; an honor which finally...


Mediterranean wines

The Spanish coast is ideal for growing red and white wine with a different twist and with something in common to all of them: their Mediterranean character. From the North of Catalonia touring the coast in the province of Girona we find the DO Empordà - Costa Brava. The first one of many of the ones we can find in Catalonia.

A little further down South we have the DO...


Torrontes grape, an enchanting Southamerican

Torrontés grape is the responsible for some of the most seductive white wines in South America. Chile, and especially Argentina, are proud of this grape variety which due to its freshness and features, results in white wines noted for their fine character.

I cannot resist mentioning that this grape can also be found in some white wines in Spain. And although we can have it...