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Cocktails mit Whisky

Viele finden es schade, Whisky zu mischen, andere widerum nicht. Diesmal möchte ich nicht auf die Diskussion eingehen und möchte Ihnen die besten Cocktails mit Whisky vorstellen. Jetzt müssen sie nur noch vorbereitet werden und danach können sie probiert werden. Wir sind gespannt auf Ihre Meinung:



DO Jumilla, outstanding quality

Little by little, we are reviewing all Spanish Denominations of Origin, with quality wines spreading all around the world. Today is the turn of Jumilla wine, which extends between the cities of Murcia and Albacete in over 30,000 hectares of vineyards.

Its current production is made in modern and avant-garde wineries joining traditional techniques with the latest technology....


The best vodkas

Vodka is a type of distillate that can be spelled in different ways: Vodka, Wodka, Vodca,... What is out of any discussion is that it is one of the most universal alcohol types.

The origin of the vodka could also be a reason for discussions. It's not well known if it has polish or russian origins but the original word meant "water of life". From there the diminutive "vodca"...


Winebeer, what a mix!

To me this new invention: the winebeer sounds quite weird. Just hearing its name I start getting all kinds of flashbacks as: cherrycoke, this drink with cherry and coke mixed together (puaghhhh!) about which it was nothing good except for the melody of its ad (mostly because it was catchy) and K2, and I?m not talking about the mountain but about that invention that some...



When a Château is not a Château?

According to the traditional definition, accepted as the norm, a "Château" is one of the wines of France with Controlled Denomination of Origin (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée - AOC) elaborated exclusively with grapes from a single estate or property. So far so clear.

The problem is that from some countries, especially the United States, where there is no regulation...


How to do water tastings?

Wine, cheese, yogurt tastings... and for a while also water tastings. This drink is evolving and now we see more and more water lists in restaurants with a wide variety of them.

Just as happens with other beverage tastings, including wines, we will consider a number of aspects, such as color, aroma and taste, which, although it might sound something difficult in water,...


Gourmet products for your corporate event

Holidays are over for many and the return to work implies a new year with new and exciting projects. In order to make the back not so hard, we can always host a corporate event to welcome customers and employees.

Surely, during this year will be held corporate events and we must take care of this occasions the best way to keep everyone happy. Remember, this is also brand...


The tokaji Eszencia, the essence of Tokaj

As already stated in a previous post, Tokaji is a typical wine from the borderland between Hungary and Slovakia called Tokaj-Hegyalja, near Budapest. Sometimes called king of wines, wine of kings, this is definitely a special drink by its peculiar elaboration process, which uses botrytyzed grapes, i.e., affected by the Botrytis Cinerea fungus.

These grapes concentrate a...


3 Spanish sparkling wines

Sparkling wine is a hit in many countries and Spain would not be less. The sparkling wines are achieved when there is a second fermentation in the bottle. But this should not be confused with artificially sparkling wines, to which carbon dioxide is injected.

Really, sparkling wines are made in virtually all autonomous communities in the country, primarily Catalonia (main...


The harvest 2012 is underway

We are in the season of harvest, of gathering the fruit of the vine to elaborate the most prodigious wine. All wine regions become central to wineries, growers and harvesters, who work every day to see how it will be this year's harvest.

This leads to a kind of tourism, the wine tourism, which is still in vogue and increases visits during this time. So, the visitors to...