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Pairing wine with music

When we think of pairing we always have in mind a meal, and we try to buy wines that best match with it. But wine accompanies us even in good times when food is not present, as the company Wines that Rock reminds us.

Wines that Rock has been in contact with some of the biggest bands in the world to produce wines that perfectly accompany the experience of listening some of...



Most important vinegar producers in Spain

Every year a lot of vinegars are produced in Spain making its export necessary. So the amount of vinegar annually sold out of the Spanish borders is close to thirty-two million liters. U.S. and the UK are the two main consumers of this product. But it’s quite surprising to know that in Spain vinegar is not consumed as much as it may seem, despite the Mediterranean diet.



Wine and more from Languedoc-Roussillon

In the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales department, between the Mediterranean and Corbières, flanked by the mountains of Canigou and Les Albères, the Languedoc-Roussillon vines grow in a variety of landscapes, soils and microclimates.

The wine producing area is crossed by three valleys and includes several types of terrain, hills, slopes and terraces, where soils of...


Beers with something extra

We like beer. We like its color, we enjoy its froth, we love its refreshing power on a hot day, but why not going for a change? Variety will spice up our day and so today I want to propose my new discoveries: beers with something else, do you want to know what this is about?

Beer and tequila

After a few months living in Mexico I added tequila to my favorite drinks. Now...



Wines and other digestifs

Grappa, cognac, brandy, malt whiskey or Armagnac are just some of the members of the large family of digestifs, those drinks revered for its ability to assist the digestive process, mainly because of their high alcohol content and even the herbs or oils that make them up. Those who enjoy these drinks call them 'pousse café' (after coffee), due to the moment they usually...


Burgundy wines: the smooth side of summer

Some Burgundy wines can be the best alternative for those warm summer dinners we have in mind. The heterogeneity of this region, one of the largest in France, forced to divide the recommendations for areas to focus on the best that each one has to offer.

We begin with the red wines from the Côte d'Or, where the prestige and quality go hand in hand to welcome their...


Types of yeast for beer

Yeast is an essential element to elaborate beer, since thanks to it the sugars turn into alcohol. In the process of brewing it usually stays at the bottom of the maturation tanks, depending on its kind.

Benefits of the yeast

It is often said that beer is good for health. And in good measure and with no abuse, it is true, as it has many and distinct advantages to the...


The most interesting London Gins

As a gin lover and a huge fan of gin and tonics on Sundays afternoon (to finish and start the week in the best possible way) I have compiled a list of my discoveries in this area that I would like to share with whom wants to read it to find out which are the four most interesting London Dry Gins:

Geranium London Dry Gin: following a tradition of over 350 years a father and ...


Tokaj and Tokaji: Puttonyos!

The Tokaji is one of those wines which every blog friend of the liquor of Bacchus is required to write about at least once.

Tokaji is the typical wine from Tokaj-Hegyalja, an area that lies between Hungary and Slovakia. Although in Tokaj, as in many other places, all kinds of wines are produced, the most famous are the called aszú.


Pla de Bages, north of the magic mountain

The north face of Montserrat, the mountain range that protects the Penedès, hides a pleasant surprise: the Pla de Bages wine.

This is a privileged region, with significant cultural and tourism centers such as the Monastery of Sant Benet, the salt mines of Cardona, the cave of Sant Ignasi or the route of La Sèquia. One of the peculiarities of Bages are the “Barraques...