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Best served chilled (Spanish cava)

 TAGS:There are many sparkling wines, but the most famous in Spain is called cava. The cava must be served cold, because summer temperatures of the Spanish coast make us feel like for something cooler, it tastes so delicious! On the beach in Barcelona, toasting with cava is the best. Going down a little to the South to the Fallas capital, we can try the best cocktail with cava:...



Reserve wines

 TAGS:What means that a wine is a reserve? What the experts are talking about when they say a wine is complex? The more expensive the wine, is it better? What makes a bottle excellent? These are some of the many questions that must be deciphered when choosing a wine. The market requires buyers to be increasingly informed, not overwhelmed or confused in front of the oversupply of...


Pizza wine? Chianti, per favore!

 TAGS:The Chianti wine is light, aromatic, very fruity... they are the perfect soundtrack, ethylicly speaking, to live life and be loved. These wines come from the Tuscany region of undeniable beauty which provides the frame for contemporary classics as Stealing Beauty or Under the Tuscan Sun.

Diane Lane and Liv Tyler abandon themselves to love and good Italian wine in one...


The ideal temperature to drink wine

 TAGS:The temperature of wine is a long-standing and much controversial topic. As is often popularly said, white wine is drunk colder than red wine but, what is the right temperature to enjoy wine at its best? We will try to elucidate this and other questions below.

Usually the wines are stored in basements or cold spots in the house, places that could reach 11 degrees Celsius,...



Cannabis absinthe, the new fashion drink

 TAGS:Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and Pablo Ruiz Picasso have many things in common, besides being a fundamental part of the latest Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris" script, which won an Oscar for its originality. It is said that the 3 of them shared a passion for the green devil which made its way inside their minds leaving them momentarily blank.

Absinthe has been banned...


The Viognier grape

 TAGS:The Viognier grape is a type of white grape of unknown origin, but is presumed to have French origin by its use in these lands. Perhaps its most important characteristic is its difficult cultivation, a fact which makes it more valuable and protagonist only of great wines, especially the Condrieu French wine from the Rhone Valley.

History of Viognier grape

As we said the...


Amaretto, night's taste

 TAGS:Almond and apricot, bitter and sweet, contrast is the key to the Amaretto, this Italian liqueur that takes nearly a DINA4 to write all its ingredients, especially those concerning the essence. The reason for it is the original recipe, which contents no less than seventeen different types of aromatic fruits and plants, to the delight of dreamy palates.

Art and romance are...


Australian wines

 TAGS:The beginnings of the production of wine in Australia started in Barossa Valley, near Adelaide in the south. European wines suffered greatly during the long journey by boat, so the local production became imperative. In the absence of native vines in Australia, the upper classes of English settlers began making their own wines from imported grapes in the early nineteenth ...


American Whiskey

 TAGS:Speaking of rye makes us think of JD Salinger and his famous and controversial book or of Canadian whiskey, a subject far less cloudy and quite more pleasant than the other, which does not mean that it is not possible to share love for both at once ... Even though you run the risk of being a little redundant... gulp!

The truth is that this spirit, which you can also get...


Rum cocktails

 TAGS:The classic rum cocktail was discovered in 1896 and known worldwide since 1898. This cocktail is called Daiquiri and was created by the American Jennings Cox, who lived in Daiquiri, Cuba.

One day he received a visit and when he realized he had no gin -which was what usually mixed with lemon- and had only rum, decided to create a cocktail with some lemons from the garden...