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Christmas dinners: spanish cava for the starters

Christmas is one of the times of year that I like most (perhaps for being born on New Year?s Eve). From the day I see the first Christmas lights and decoration until New Year?s day the best dinners and meals of the year take place, the best parties are held... To live the Christmas atmosphere the best is to get an interesting selection of cava as the one I propose in the ...



Quality and powerful taste wines in the Rioja Baja

Currently no one disputes the Rioja wine differentiation over other wines still be exported and become better known. It consists of three sub-areas with vast vineyards and historic cellars that have made possible this global identification.

One of these subzones is the Rioja Baja, near the Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa, which produces wines of great quality and always...


Rioja Alta wines, experience and tradition

No doubt that Rioja wine is one of the best in the world. Its elaboration comes from many years ago and each area guards its process in long tradition cellars. The DO Rioja encompasses various areas such as Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa.

In the case of wines from Rioja Alta, as well as wines from the Rioja Alavesa, they have fairly similar climates. In this case,...


Wines from the Rioja Alavesa, quality for discerning palates

Rioja is one of the more traditional and known denominations of origin throughout Spain. Rioja wines are not only of extreme quality, but are exported to many countries and we can find them in renowned restaurants with prices that compete with Italian and French wines.

Within this designation, The wines from the Rioja Alavesa are elaborated in a climate eminently ...



Ribeiro Wines, Galician excellence

With fantastic color and flavor, Ribeiro wine extends throughout the southern Galicia, in the province of Orense, near Portugal. Its production is elaborated out in over 2,700 ha of vineyards owned by historic cellars and other younger ones.

This is because more and more wineries are targeted to the production of this exquisite wine, with pure Galician taste, which achieves...


DO Bierzo, León wines

The richness of the cuisine and wines from Castilla y León are exceptional. Specifically, Bierzo wine, in the province of León, is one of the fastest growing areas, pushed by several cellars that encourage the consumption of this type of wine.

Its climate is variable, and it enjoys extreme temperatures, very cold in winter and very hot during the short summer. The most ...


Authentic Galician taste: DO Monterrei

Spanish wines offer a great variety and richness in each of the areas where they are produced. Therefore, our review of the Spanish DO gives us an interesting inside of their types, varieties and essential characteristics.

Galician wines are of exceptional quality. Monterrei wine in the province of Orense and near Portugal, is elaborated thanks to a temperate weather with...


Travelling to the Caribbean and discovering the rum

If you have been thinking about buying rum recently and you are not sure which one to choose we want to guide you on a journey through the Caribbean. Unfortunately it is not a real journey but still you will learn a lot about different types of rum and their paradisiacal home countries.

At first you have to know that the Caribbean consists of countries with a big tradition...


Digestive liquors for Christmas dinners

The company Christmas dinner, Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, New Year's Eve, New Year... we have ahead a few days of heavy digestions and as I am always thinking in your health I have prepared for you in advance a good range of liquors to help wash it down which will put us on the road to a deserved nap.

In my list of the best digestive liquors I will put the ...


The whisky of the United States

The Bourbon obtained its name because the clients in New Orleans used to ask for whisky produced in Bourbon County (Kentucky) where some of the most important cities for the production are placed.

The history of this drink goes back to XVIII century when the american farmers began to distillate the remaining grain of their harvest. A new industry and tradition has just ...