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How to choose wines by their label

The issue of wine labels is a tricky business. I have already been doing the experiment for a while and I have noticed that in addition to the inevitable subjectivity, factor consumer country of origin is an important point to consider. In other words, as far as I, a lifelong Spanish, think a label looks elegant, modern and evocative (sweets) to me belonging to a wine for...



How to choose a beer glass

Recently the University of Bristol found out that the type of glass out of which people drink a beer can have an influence on the drinking time. Today I would like to put more attention on this topic. In future it might lead to changes in the regulation of bars, in the behaviour of custumers or  it could lead to new measures taken by the responsible authorities.



Wines and movies, a perfect combination

The seventh art has given moments of glory to the world of wine. Whether showing special landscapes with many vineyards, highlighting impressive wineries or letting us know the wine culture. We'll refresh your memory with some movies where wine has been the protagonist.

Unax Ugalde and Nora Tschirner share wine and other passions in “Bon appétit”, a just released...


Top Five Dubai Wine Bars

The following blog is a guest post written by Katherine Stott of CondoGala, the optimal source for any information relating to luxury condos and apartments.

When you think of Dubai, your mind wanders to thoughts of impressive buildings, man-made scenery and the scorching heat of life in the desert. One doesn't normally associate wine with the city of Dubai, but interestingly...



How to choose wines online

Choosing wines online is as simple or as complicated as doing it in a shop specializing in wines or between the possibilities within our hand on the shelves of a supermarket. In fact, if you think about it, buying wine online is easier than any other way to do it since in just a click we have all the information we need to get a complete picture of our next purchase, including ...


Let's celebrate German Unity Day!

German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is today and so it's best we go filling our fridge with the most delicious delicacies that come from this land.

When planning my particularly German style celebration I find out that I am in doubt, because I do not know if going for a beer afternoon or a nice evening around a good selection of Riesling wines. I also do not rule...


New wines from Extremadura

What a joy! When summer comes to its end, the arrival of Autumn and its routines (including work) start to get back to our lives and it seems that everything good from the year has been left behind us. But some good surprises still await us: one of my current favorite wineries launches two new wines. Take that!

Number nine and ten (“Habla nº9” and “Habla diez”)...


D.O. Costers del Segre, Catalan tradition

The good Spanish wines show themselves. Catalonia has several D.O., with a long tradition and wineries which are renewed and reinvented to offer the best to the wine world and his followers... That are many!

Among these, the D.O. Costers del Segre is a great representation of what is work and effort, with very good results and unique vintages in addition to the most...


Fantastic Pessac-Léognan white wines

The handicap of rubbing shoulders with an overwhelming majority of excellent quality red wines. The burden of a reputation that relates the white wines from this area with dubious quality sweet wines. The price, high enough for not to be the first choice of many. All these are some reasons to the detriment of Pessac-Léognan white wines.

This small region located in...