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Wine Routes You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall

In Spain, when we say fall, we say harvest time. Spain is a country with a great wine tradition a country which brings to the table no less than 60 wine products, all with a protected designation of origin. And although there are many options to enjoy a wine tasting getaway, the eDreams Travel Blog is guiding us today through five both spectacular and affordable wine trips.



What curious wine names!

Everyone gives their opinion: another way to get attention, anything goes to draw attention to a great wine, you have to maintain a point of irreverence... Do you remember some wine with a funny name?

We found all kinds of interesting, erotic and decidedly weird names. As rare as El perro verde (green dog), a wine which Angel Lorenzo Cachazo cellars elaborate with Verdejo...


With South flair: D.O.P. Granada

Southern Spain gives us many charms. From its important folklore to its gastronomy, legendary monuments and quality wines. We stop at the D.P.O. (Protected Denomination of Origin) Granada, which in recent years has changed radically in order to elaborate wines of great market acceptance.

Everything has evolved, because until recently the only market was the domestic...


Christmas hampers, we are still on time

November has not started yet, stores have not embarked on to the massive Christmas decorations and supermarkets are weeks away until you can start buying nougat (and if you can already find it... watch expiration dates!). However, this is the best time to order Christmas hampers.

First I would like to appeal to employers (although there are fewer and the few that remain are...



The Fronsac wines

Fronsac region is a relatively unknown area, located between the rivers Dordogne and l'Isle, next to Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, with an area of about 1,200 ha and a production of about 6 million bottles per year. With prices usually more affordable than most famous regions, it is able to offer excellent red wines, suitable for red and white meat (lamb, beef, pork),...


Sicily, land of wine

Sicily is one of the most genuinely Mediterranean lands of Italy, and so its agriculture, from ancient times, perfectly sums up the purest essences of the culture, the climate and the character of the island.

With ideal physical characteristics for the elaboration, among others, of products such as citrus fruits, olive oil and of course, wine, Sicily has a tradition of...


The worst summer in 50 years for the Italian wine harvest

Italian wine harvest suffers the worst summer in fifty years. The stifling heat that Italy has suffered during the summer months has been the guilty of disastrous harvests which has made the producers to lose up to 20% of the estimated volumes in some cases. The regions of Tuscany and Lombardy have been the most affected by this weather.

However, if we talk in terms of...


How to choose wines online

To choose wines online is as easy or as difficult as doing it in a specialized wine store or within everybody's reach between the shelves of a supermarket.

If you think about it, buying wine online is easier than doing it any other way because with only one mouse click you will get all the necessary information for your next purchase, including even opinions of other persons...


Wine improves pig heart

I'm still amazed at one of the latest studies to which I have had access. The scientific community has that innate ability for surprising us almost every week, but the research which has concluded that wine improves pig heart deserves at least this post...

Let's point out: all the data provided by this study, conducted by the illustrious Frank Sellke (chief of cardiothoracic...


The perfect gift for wine lovers

Choosing a gift for a wine lover can be tricky if you are not an expert on the subject. If you do not want to take risks when deciding between on one or another designation of origin or you do not want bugs at the time of choosing the vintage: consider the wine accessories. In the following lines you will know the essential accessories that any wine lover may need. There is...