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Classic or modern wines?

A classic wine is like Casablanca, the movie. You may like or not, but you have to try it, you have to see it. You must give it a chance if you like wine or if you like movies and you feel proud to understand the subject.

A classic wine is like a final Chelsea- ManU. Although you do not like football too and even though you are not a supporter of either of these teams, you...



Wines and other digestives

Grappa, cognac, brandy, Armagnac or malt whisky are just some of the members of the large family of digestives, these drinks revered for its ability to assist the digestive process, mainly because of its high alcohol content and even the herbs or oils that make them up. Those who enjoy these drinks, call them “pousse café” (after coffee), due to the time of drinking,...


Macabeo grape, spanish addiction

Macabeo grape is the banner of Rioja white wines. In fact it is believed that its origin is Spanish, but today we can find white wines with Viura also across the Pyrenees. Yes, France also knows how to use the benefits of this grape for some of its white wines Minervois AOC (in the region of Midi).

In the Rioja this varietal is known with a very different name. In this...


Appellations of origin names

Knowing the equivalents in terms of appellations of origin of wines from different countries can be an easy task if you master some basic concepts. In the following lines we will go through the different appellation of origin terms so we know what are we buying.

France was the pioneer in introducing this concept as a protection of the quality of some of their wines on one...



Elaboration of rosé wines

Previously we talked about the origin of rosé wine and how it has evolved in terms of production and consumption so far, even explained the difference between a claret and a rosé. This time we will show, in summary, the process of elaboration of this type of wine.

Any wine that claims to hold the title of rosé should be slightly acidic, have fruity aromas and a...


The spanish Syrah wines

Syrah grape in Spanish wines seems the secret of success that is relaunching wine regions as Costers del Segre, Extremadura, Jumilla, Alicante, Madrid, Montsant, Catalonia, Castile and Leon VT, VT Mallorca, Manchuela, Alella, The Terrerazo, Valencia , La Mancha, Méntrida or Campo de Borja.

All these wine regions seemed to need a little spice up in order to step forward or...


Rosé wines

After centuries of marginalization, rosé wine made its way to success in the twenty-first century. According to historians, it was the first wine ever made by man, and its character, so revered by the Greeks and Egyptians, always resided in the brightness of its color.

Product of the ignorance of winemaking techniques, at that time the grapes were trodden, pressed, to...


Buy wine for tapas

Buy wine for tapas should be at this point our favorite subject, but if it is not, we are still on time to become the Cum Laude of wine choices for starters, that kind of expert who becomes essential at any meeting, whenever there is good food involved. We will choose the best Spanish wines to go with tapas.

The first thing to do is getting straight down to the business....


The last name of wines

To mention that a wine has terpenes, pyrazines, norisoprenoids or volatile thiols in the musts, just to name a few, can be hard to understand by the consumer. However, if you were told that the bottle of wine you just bought is composed of a grape wine which releases in its elaboration floral aromas (terpenes) and has a strong scent of pepper (pyrazines), could relate well...


Argentina, Malbec Reign

When we speak of Malbec we think of Argentina. This country, one of the leading wine producers in South America, is famous for this monovarietal and in some cases, though the least, very fortunate blends which combine that grape with Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, and sometimes with Merlot.