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Wine routes: General tips

 TAGS:Times change, and more quickly in the tourism sector than others. In the case of wine tourism, it’s no longer an exclusive activity for wine lovers and is fast becoming popular among young couples, groups of friends, and families.

Attracted by the rural landscape and local wineries, at the moment it is very much in fashion to discover new regions through wine tourism. Now more than ever is a good time to follow a wine route through the province. And it’s also worth leaving the nine-to-five to let yourself experience charms you may have never encountered before.


Christmas Punch


The origin of Christmas punch goes back to ancient Persian villagers who consumed a very similar beverage to the "Panch" consisting of rum, water, sugar and herbs, then this custom passed to Europe where the drinks name was changed to "Punch".

Christmas punch may vary based where in the world it is prepared: for example, Mexican Christmas punch is a drink made on the basis of tecojotes, apples, guava, raisins, cinnamon, water and tamarind.

Its preparation is simple and involves placing all ingredients in a pot and let boil, then simmer a few minutes and stop to let it rest.

In these pre-Christmas days, while you wait for your Christmas Gifts, we show how to make different types of traditional Christmas Punch:


Types of Gin

 TAGS:Gin is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but to be pigeonholed into a "Designation of Origin", it must have nebrina flavour (fruit of juniper). The European Union legislation supports up to 4 drinks flavoured with this fruit. These names are: "Alcoholic spirit beverages with juniper", "Gin", "Distillate Gin" and "London Gin".

Do you know the different types of gin? We help you to distinguish them.

Appellations of Origin of the Gin


Draft beer

 TAGS:Beer kegs are a the options preferred for parties and meetings in which the organizers want the job a little easier and make their guests happy. They generally contain about 30 liters of beer, and that frees them from the anguish of thinking whether it would be enough for everyone.

By placing the beer in the barrel is important to carbonate, carbon dioxide is a gas that dissolves easily in beer. That amount of gas is measured in volumes. If a liter of beer is carbonated with 2.5 volumes, means that there are 2.5 liters of CO2 in the beer.


Jay Miller leaves The Wine Advocate

 TAGS:Robert Parker has decided to dispense with Jay Miller, a controversial figure, and became responsible of a few countries, including Spain, Argentina and Chile in the name of the world most wine famous critic magazine.

In the last year his travels to the peninsula have proliferated, always by the hand of Pancho Campo, responsible for "The Wine Academy of Spain" to try wines from different regions, to massive tasting and visiting wineries who received him with the maximum honors and the best wines ready for trial and, according to worst intentioned rumors, apparently the checkbook ready to compensate for favorable opinions. Many are the rumors about Miller's behavior during these visits, and while he says he's gone with a clear conscience, but there's a rain of critics from all over the world.


How to make homemade whiskey cream

 TAGS:Whisky cream is a blend of cream and alcohol of Irish origin, introduced into the market in 1974. It is ideal for consuming over lunch and evening.

The correct way to consume it is straight and accompanied whit plenty of ice, is the favorite of many people for its sweet taste and has 17 degrees of alcohol, which makes it softer than scotch and stronger than beer.

There is a belief that you should not combine the cream of whisky and gas, because of it is advisable to wait an hour and a half to consume one after the other.

Whisky cream is very easy to acquire in nightclubs, bars and supermarkets, but did you know that you can make your ownhomemade whiskey cream easily? Join the cream of whiskey with the following recipe:


Christmas dinner: Wine

 TAGS:cena de navidadNow is the time, we have the the great dinner, the guests, the champagne to toast and glasses after, but what wine should we serve? What wonderful Bacchus liquor for pairing such a varied dinner as the Christmas one?

There are many tips to pair such complex menus, but the most important of all is: There is not just one formula to cope up with a dinner pairing. Once we recognize this, what we can do is provide you with a number of useful tips for you to choose the wines you want to serve at your Christmas dinner. Shall we know them?


Cocktails with Bourbon

 TAGS:BourbonBourbon, also called American whiskey is a distilled beverage with kind of a caramel flavor, made from corn in about a 50% or more. They also tend to add ingredients such as rye, wheat or malted barley.

One way to consume Bourbon is in a cocktail of various types, some delicious and well known as the Manhattan cocktail. Today we present some of the most popular:

  • Toddy
  • Stinger Bourbon,
  • Whiskey Daisy
  • Manhattan Milk
  • Southern Belle
  • Dry Manhattan
  • Flip Boston

Caribbean Rum

 - Havana Club

The Caribbean is one of the most paradisiacal areas of the world, there is no doubt, but it also has a reputation for having the best rum in the world, a fact that would have no discussion. The Caribbean is made up of countries with a long tradition of rum, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic first order and in a second order, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica without forgetting Mexico and Panama, but on a smaller scale.

Rum of the Caribbean

We begin our tour of Caribbean rums by Jamaica, the country of reggae and Rastafarian philosophy have as between the most sold and emblematic rums of the Caribbean and the world, as Appleton.


Gourmet Tonics, explosion of flavours

 TAGS:Today, the traditional tonic has been passed towards more sophisticated gourmet type who are having an excellent place in the market.

These new tonics are artisan elaboration, offering new tastes such as quinine, flowers, fruits like apples and other spices such as vanilla that brings a light touch to the palate.

One of the biggest differences with the classical tonic is that they haven't got as much sugar. Some have even incorporated some alcohol and an extra natural quinine taste imported from South American countries offering a high quality.

Thanks to this innovation, they bring diversity in tonic when it comes to mix it. For example, gourmet gin and tonic is now different with many more flavours, sweeter and tastier, by the amount of spices and mixtures of ingredients that brings to the gin.