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Alcohol taxes are helping fake distillates sales grow

 TAGS:The world is full of smart people. Yes, I said the world, not just our own country. And, for once, we do not have exclusivity on scams, fraud and theft in its multiple ways... Anyway, I will not go out there, but the fact is that alcohol taxes are helping fake spirits sales grow.


Wine blind tastings: what for?

 TAGS:I've been online for a while and I 'm realizing how many articles out there explain why blind tastings are cool. I do not know how much prose on a subject that is so clear (LOL, could not help sticking a little joke). Well, I certainly do not know what do you think about it but I find it difficult to decide whether I prefer it in the dark or with the eyes wide open (well, let's return to the subject of wine).


How to serve sparkling wines ?


Considered as one of the favorite women drinks and the ideal choice for important meetings, sparkling wines are delicious when served at the ideal temperature, either as an aperitif or to accompany a dessert or dinner.

When serving a sparkling wine or champagne the question is what is the best way to do so for a maximum enjoyment. The ideal temperature for serving sparkling wines is between 7 and 12 degrees. Too cold, the flavors are lost. The perfect way to keep the glass is by the base, not the body, not to alter the temperature of the drink and therefore the flavours.

Serve champagne

Hold the bottle of sparkling wines to serve is one thing you need to know to do properly. Sparkling wine bottles have a slot at the base to introduce your thumb. This position allows you to serve slower and ensures a sparkling result.

Enjoy a champagne

During the tasting of champagne or other sparkling wine like Reymos, you must take into account the three following steps :

  • Visual : This is where you can enjoy the bubbles. The more they will present the best the drink will be. The crown of bubbles that forms on the glass and the colours of the bubbles are factors to consider. Color bubbles can be evaluated by putting the glass on a white background.
  • Nose: In this phase it is possible to appreciate the floral notes found in sparkling wines. To do so we must not move the cup, but simply smell.
  • Taste : In this phase of tasting it is possible to assess the quality of the bubble and whether it is creamy, soft and fine, noting the flavors in the mouth.

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Christmas Pairing


For this Christmas we will have the opportunity to eat special dishes and drinks that goes well with them. Christmas gifts like hams, nougat, soups, stews, calves ... everything is ready for your guests. But surely you’ve wondered sometimes what kind of drink goes better with each meal, especially for these dates. Here are some Christmas pairings.

At this time, it is normal to have long meals. That is, you usually start with a aperitif with delicacies such as ham or clams. It's best to offer a welcome cocktail, a smooth martini or start dinner or meal with a glass of white wine is also low graduation. While some chamomiles are reserved for the end of the meal, they are also recommended for sausage –based snacks and seafood.

For salads, pasta or fish, white wine is perfect, specially the Verdejo and Albariño type. For seafood, strongly acidic or fruity rosé give a special flavor to the dish. For soup or broth, white wine goes well, some sherry can also be recommended.
The bream is a traditional dish of this holiday in many parts of Spain. To accompany it, white wine is still the main protagonist, but especially with less acidity. It is also valid for white meats such as turkeys or partridges.

For roasted meat it is better to opt for the reds. In this case the young, fruity red wines retain the flavor of the spices that accompany these meats. The food is not over, the desserts can be long. For sweets such as chocolate, red wine from the same meat may be fine, but if we move to the nougat, comes the turn of muscatel, sweeter wines, almonds or hazelnuts liquors, and young cava should put the loop end to the gathering.

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The tradition of the Christmas hamper in Europe


Christmas 2013 is approaching! Dingdong! Dingdong! Santa Claus is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare Christmas gifts. Have you thought about yours?
Christmas is a time when gifts are an important part of the spirit of this time, which is more important to give than to receive, and to show our loved ones how much we care. It is the universal gift time, don’t you think?


Alcohol consumption increases the chances of developing breast cancer in women

 TAGS:The latest medical news based on very recent research results are clear: high alcohol consumption increases the chances of developing breast cancer in women. The causal relationship is direct and thus the tests which were carried out on heterogeneous samples of women of various age groups prove it.