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New wine with 100 Parker points : Alvear Pedro Ximenez 2011

 TAGS:100 points, the highest score of Robert Parker’s scoring, has been given to the Alvear Pedro Ximenez 2011, a sweet wine from Montilla - Moriles that stunned the American critics.

According Luis Gutierrez,

Alvear’s 2011 Pedro Ximenez de Anada is the most amazing Pedro Ximenez I have ever tasted. It may also be one of the first to be vintage-dated. The grapes were hand-harvested in September, and then allowed to dry in the sunshine until they began fermentation, which is ultimately arrested by the addition of spirits. The wine spent six months in large American oak prior to being bottled. It is an amazing effort that looks like molasses. Notes of macerated figs, chocolate and caramelized tropical fruits emerge from this full-bodied, unctuously-textured wine. While sweet, it has enough acidity to balance out its richness. This astonishing 2011 Pedro Ximenez will last as long as any reader of this newsletter.

Want to try a wine with 100 Parker points without traumatizing your pockets?

In fact, it has been sold off so quickly that we can only recommend other sweet wines that have had great ratings, so that you can compare:

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Malaga Virgen Px



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Solera 1847 Oloroso Dulce


Operation bikini? Operation Christmas with wine and ham!


Are you on a diet? But you like ham and wine? Well do not worry; everything we had previously thought about whether the ham fattens might not be entirely true. Now that Christmas is approaching and Christmas baskets come from the office, do not worry! It will serve you to make a diet!


The world's best whisky in 2014



Glenmorangie Ealanta whisky was voted best whisky of 2014 by "The Whisky Bible," the publication of reference for whisky lovers worldwide.

The guide "The Whisky Bible 2014", which is not yet available for sale, announced the best whisky in the world this year, the Glenmorangie Ealanta, a new version of Glenmorangie Distillery. After have aged 19 years, it was put up for sale this year for the very first time to become the most desired of all.

Its price also (£ 73.15 at Uvinum), converts it into an object of desire, as it is generally difficult to find this quality whiskey for under £ 100.

Want to be one of the privileged to test the Glenmorangie Ealanta? Today, we offer you the best price:

 TAGS:Glenmorangie EalantaGlenmorangie Ealanta

Glenmorangie Ealanta



 Other Glenmorangie whiskies:

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Glenmorangie The Original 1L, the best price



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Glenmorangie The Lasanta, the best seller




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Glenmorangie Signet, the best -till now-


How to have a small cellar at home


Any fan of the magnificent wine world already thought about making a small cellar in his house, and not only because they want to have good brand in perfect state available at any time, but also because he can buy wine on favorable condition: he acquires them without completing their aging and then allowed to complete it at home, while the market value multiplies.


The origin of wine

 TAGS:There are two myths about the origins of fermentation. The first is that the beer was "invented" or more accurately, discovered by chance. The second, that the wine was also an accident. It is highly unlikely that, given the elegantly simple and yet so complex brewing process, the beer was no more than a coincidence. The same goes for the wine, although it is likely that our ancestors watch how fruit juices changed when they were left to rot or decompose under certain conditions.