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3 Wines To Choose in Uvinum's blog


3 wines to taste after the end of the world

 TAGS:It was said that everything would be over in 21st December. Doomsday theories announced the end of the world. I was so skeptical to such matters, and I'm always in for a good party, so I'm thinking that the best way to celebrate the not-such-end would be organizing a party or a dinner on the occasion of every new month of Planet Earth.

The main thing regarding this dinner will be choosing three wines which raise it to the level of the dinner of the millennium, which is almost at the level of the Last Supper. And so you notice that you still do not know me, rather than repeat, play it safe, dip into my top 10 wines or call my local dealer, I have decided to try 3 new wines that I have already booked online. What do you think about it?