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Agua De Valencia in Uvinum's blog


Aperitivo hour: the latest trend in the UK

 TAGS:In the UK any excuse is perfect for socializing. The aperitivo hour fashion has come strongly to pubs and cafes that let themselves and their customers get inspired by one of the best moments of the Mediterranean culture. If Bridget Jones would had known this, she would have sung a different story.

Spain and Italy, both are pioneers in this healthy tradition that is actually the after work precursor but at a different time. It consists in going out for a drink before lunch time. Generally it is a beer or a wine accompanied by a small tapa. In the most chic version it is a cocktail and some canapés, while the most traditional side comes out when you ask for a vermouth and a plate of olives. But what, how and where they are not important, the main thing here is that it really becomes a meeting point, a place in time to relax and to unwind in the middle of the day.


When the heat comes, is the wine over?

 TAGS:I disagree with the statement "when the heat comes, buy wine is over." It is true that beer is a tough opponent for the grape juice in the coming months, especially when taking a walk we found that almost all the terraces we see in our way look like scenes of a beer commercial.

But we do not have to be alarmed because there are solutions to continue enjoying our favorite wines in and summer, of course! When temperatures rise, drinking a thick, dense, dark, powerful red wine may be our last wish... we feel like for something cooler. No problem, we can order a white wine, for instance a Riesling, a Sauvignon Blanc, an Albariño ... mmmmhhhhhh! It has to be served chilled in a glass ad hoc and it will leave us with a colorful sensation: freshness, fruit and flowers notes, aroma ... beers cannot be compared with this.