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Alcohol in Uvinum's blog


Asian "drinking" style

 - As a big fan of Asian countries and lifestyle in today's post I want to talk about drinking in the oriental hemisphere. Many of us have visited Asian countries and confess to be addicted to local food but what about drinking alcohol in this part of the world?

Are there any drinks in Asia people are fund of that have not been exported to other countries yet? Or let's say any drink that should be taken just on one specific spot and nowhere else.


Poets and their favourite drinks

Drinks and poetry have always been linked and people dare to say that it was  TAGS:alcohol that inspired some of the greatest poets and writers of all times. Alcohol may have an influence on creativity but for  sure what doesn't make Shakespeare and Co  fall into oblivion was their great talent.(or we want to believe that!) Anyway, as expected, also poets and writers had their preferences in drinking. Some of their favourite drinks became so famous that even now and in many cases after their death, we are ordering them in bars without remembering their history. 

Let's start with the excellent poet Robert Burns who developed a great passion for Scotch whisky during his short life. As a real Scot, he even dedicated the poem "The Author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer” to this drink while he was writing the book "Freedom and whisky gang thegither!”.


Is alcohol a fatburner?

 TAGS:The most common opinion about alcohol and diets is that drinking makes you fat and in most cases alcohol is forbidden when you're on a diet. Said in that way, this is not totally true, as it is the combination of alcohol and sugar that makes it dangerous. Therefore a cocktail or a glass of sangria have as twice as many calories as a glass of wine. I would like to give you more informations about the topic so that you don't have to refuse a glass of your favourite wine on a night out with friends. Did you know that red wine can help you loosing weight?

Scientists of the „Harvard School of Public Health“ in Boston have discovered that a  regular alcohol consumption doesn't make you gain weight. For study purposes, a group of average weight women of the age of 38 drank 2 or 3 glasses of alcohol on a daily basis.


Absinthe, the green fairy


Absinthe is a mythical drink, adored, reviled, and ultimately banned, hidden in a halo of mystery available only to connoisseurs.

Many associate absinthe to Pastis and Ricard, but in fact they are different drinks, of which today we'll tell you its origin and motives of the legend:

Absinthe was discovered in the late eighteenth century, and was believed to have medicinal effects. Absinthe is a distillation of herbs, among which have special importance - wormwood, anise and fennel -, but it is often combined in a recipe with other plants such as coriander, juniper or licorice.