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The wheat beer, German tradition

 TAGS:The wheat beer is unique since it is made partly with this cereal, in addition to the classic barley, basic ingredient of all beers. The proportion of wheat used can be very different, depending on the variety, and can range from 25 to 70%. Normally, all of them are usually served at low temperature (about 4 °) and in large and elongated glasses.

The presence of this grain gives to the resulting beverage different qualities from those of other beers, especially a characteristic aroma of freshly baked bread, a somewhat fruity taste, spicy notes and also smoothness due to its lower alcohol content-making it an ideal accompaniment for short or medium maturation cheeses, seafood, fish, chicken and overall dishes with not very strong taste. They usually also have a pale color, a hazy appearance, little bitterness, high carbonation and a dense and durable foam, although there are variations depending on its origin. Basically we find the following varieties: