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Spanish cheap wines for this year

 TAGS:We go from one extreme to another and if a few days ago we talked about the most expensive wines in the world, today we make a compilation of good cheap wines for this 2013. I have decided that the origin of all of them had to be Spain. It would be very good if a lot of wine is sold, people gets happy, we manage to change the luck and the next year starts with good news, because it is about time.

Rucio, Soldepeñas, Monterio, Viña del Mar, Abadía del roble or Palacio del Conde are wines that only cost a Little more than one Euro. With prices like these there is no possible excuse for not to get a full cellar ready for this year. And it is also possible to find cava (Spanish sparkling wine) for less than two euros, at least in small doses: Codorniu Benjamins for one euro and a half. This is really a 2013 present.