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Different places to buy cabernet sauvignon

 TAGS:When buying a good Cabernet Sauvignon wine we feel inevitably tempted to choose a Bordeaux, the weight of tradition, its fame, or rather the experience and extension are forceful reasons. But make no mistake, they are good and they are a lot, but these French are not the only Cabernet Sauvignon that can impress us. Let’s see what else can be found around.

For instance, now Bulgaria has more than eighteen thousand acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, which means nearly as many as the aforementioned Bordeaux, the French region best known for this grape. It is not the only country in Eastern Europe that enjoys the benefits of these small, very dark and thick skin grapes. We can also keep track of Cabernet Sauvignon (as if looking for Carmen Sandiego) in Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Greece and of course also in Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus or Turkey.