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Champagne in Uvinum's blog


Start new year with sparkling wine


During this Christmas 2013, everyone buy wine. But even more important than all others, the sparkling wine or champagne cannot be forgotten. It is a must have celebrate New Year’s Eve. To start 2014 nothing better than a toast with a sparkling wine, champagne or cava. It will perfectly accompany all your good resolutions.


How to serve sparkling wines ?


Considered as one of the favorite women drinks and the ideal choice for important meetings, sparkling wines are delicious when served at the ideal temperature, either as an aperitif or to accompany a dessert or dinner.

When serving a sparkling wine or champagne the question is what is the best way to do so for a maximum enjoyment. The ideal temperature for serving sparkling wines is between 7 and 12 degrees. Too cold, the flavors are lost. The perfect way to keep the glass is by the base, not the body, not to alter the temperature of the drink and therefore the flavours.

Serve champagne

Hold the bottle of sparkling wines to serve is one thing you need to know to do properly. Sparkling wine bottles have a slot at the base to introduce your thumb. This position allows you to serve slower and ensures a sparkling result.

Enjoy a champagne

During the tasting of champagne or other sparkling wine like Reymos, you must take into account the three following steps :

  • Visual : This is where you can enjoy the bubbles. The more they will present the best the drink will be. The crown of bubbles that forms on the glass and the colours of the bubbles are factors to consider. Color bubbles can be evaluated by putting the glass on a white background.
  • Nose: In this phase it is possible to appreciate the floral notes found in sparkling wines. To do so we must not move the cup, but simply smell.
  • Taste : In this phase of tasting it is possible to assess the quality of the bubble and whether it is creamy, soft and fine, noting the flavors in the mouth.

Do you plan to buy sparkling wines for Christmas ? We recommend you:

 TAGS:Champagne Billecart Salmon Brut RéserveChampagne Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve

Champagne Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve



 TAGS:Castello Banfi Rosa Regale 2012Castello Banfi Rosa Regale 2012

Castello Banfi Rosa Regale 2012


The 5 best champagnes to beat the heat with elegance

 TAGS:Champagne is the area where are developed some of the most luxurious and world famous sparkling. Leaving aside the comparison with the Spanish Cava, it is true that "richer" choose to buy champagne for its exclusivity, elegance and ease with which we can find it anywhere in the world.


The Chinese vineyards threaten the habitat of the pandas

 TAGS:The spread of the culture of wine (and its industry) may be a good engine of development for areas of the planet that had traditionally based their economy on agriculture, given that the final product has a higher value. This is especially true when the promoters of this adaptation are already experts, sometimes from the most recognized wine regions of the world.


What is a “Prestige Cuvée” champagne?

 TAGS:A champagne Cuvée Prestige (or Prestige Cuvée) is considered to be the very best product of each producer. One of the first Cuvée was Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon, launched in 1935 thanks to the idea of Robert-Jean de Vogüe. As the Great Depression was striking he thought that only a luxury champagne could bring comfort to his privileged consumers.


Why do we need to know the date of disgorgement

 TAGS:The most important brands of Sparkling wines crown it all right now. It is time to consume their wines, toast with them and make a few splurges as those we cannot afford so often during the rest of the year. Joy and happiness among consumers, but just the opposite among producers. The reason of it: to make public the date of disgorgement.

The reason for this concern is purely economic and logistic: in only one vintage you may need to print 3 or 4 different back labels which would reflect the different disgorgement dates on the bottles.


The other sparkling wines

 TAGS:Cava, champagne, lambrusco and counting. Most of us have spent half of our lives living in complete ignorance regarding sparkling wine. I have to confess that I was the first committing that error but my visits to Scandinavian supermarkets have opened my eyes to the universe of the other side of sparkling wines.

Yes, there are a lot more apart from the ultra famous that I mentioned on the first line of this post, and we were very close to them (we could find them in Uvinum without going further) but we had not noticed them until now.


Cava Vs. Champagne

 - I was asked about my opinion on the competition between cava and champagne, and the truth is that I dare not say.

First, because it is more than a debate about taste, since there is plenty of politics in all. On the other hand, because there is cavas and champagnes for everyone, so it is difficult to generalize.

Let's say, I am not particularly inclined to cavas or champagnes, the same way I am not inclined to white or red wines. Depends on the occasion, the desire, the money...

Both cava and champagne are elaborated equal, following the “champenoise” or traditional method, although there is some cellar on both sides which uses any of the other existing methods.