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Classy Christmas in Uvinum's blog


Expensive wines to show off this year

Once a year it does not hurt. It's not my motto but I find that is a very successful phrase for many things. What better time to show off with expensive wines that give that festive, unique and special touch to our table which makes this year different.

We cannot always do this extravagance, but after all we have saved, worked and because of all those days we got up early in the year, we deserve a reward. I will give you some ideas that I am sure you will love (if not to buy, at least to dream).

I will start by Bodegas Vega Sicilia. I mentioned it a few days ago in the post about the most expensive wines in the world, as it reached 50,000 Euros at auction. Today tops my list because my birthday is coming and a few decades ago, when I was born, my grandfather opened a bottle of this extraordinary wine, Vega Sicilia, which was share by the whole family. I do not know how they would play the head, maybe not much more than a shot, but the arrival of the first grandchild on New Year's Eve of the year (...) deserved honors. I’m just giving you good ideas.

Let’s talk about Rioja now. My proposal from this region is Contador 2005, a wine that has taken good note of Parker ranking. No less than 100 points, there is nothing. A round figure for those who can afford the round figure that also involves taking it home: a little more than five hundred Euros in exchange for this treasure from Bodegas Benjamin Romeo.

In Priorat there are very good exclusive wines which deserve to be among my suggestions for classy dinners: L'Ermita 2003, from Alvaro Palacios winery, and Clos Erasmus 2005 are both an absolute success. With any of these wines at the table you will hardly have to worry about the menu.

You could probably imagine that I will close my list of proposals with a wine from Ribera del Duero. There could not be other than Pingus 1995. It needs no introduction, although it might be necessary to take a deep breath before spending the thousand Euros that the bottle costs (some could have a little smaller price depending on the vintage). For not so festive wallets, I want to remember that the option of celebrating with a Flor de Pingus 2010 wine could be a good decision. That wine is extremely delicious and it has the same effect as a lottery ticket in your pocket: it makes you dream.