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Types of Gin

 TAGS:Gin is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but to be pigeonholed into a "Designation of Origin", it must have nebrina flavour (fruit of juniper). The European Union legislation supports up to 4 drinks flavoured with this fruit. These names are: "Alcoholic spirit beverages with juniper", "Gin", "Distillate Gin" and "London Gin".

Do you know the different types of gin? We help you to distinguish them.

Appellations of Origin of the Gin


Gin and history


Gin is an English distilled spirit derivative from the beverage -Dutch Jenever (gin). These spirits are made from the distillation of unmalted barley, and corrected with juniper berries, besides of being flavored with cardamom and some other herbs or fruits, which give the distinctive flavor to gin. Gin has an alcohol content ranging from 43 to 47 alcohol degrees.

The History of Gin

As stated earlier Gin derives from - Geneva, so the history of one is linked to the other. Gin originated in the Netherlands (Holland) back in the seventeenth century, the father of this invigorating drink was the doctor and German scientist and anatomist Franciscus Sylvius (1614-1672), also known as "Franz De Le Boe".