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Virginia wines

 TAGS:If we talk about wine in the U.S. probably the first thing that comes to mind are the excellent wines of California. But this country, fourth largest producer and major consumer, has an area of over 2500 hectares of vineyards, most notably the wines produced on the East Coast, particularly those of Virginia, who though young vines, create wines that can captivate us.

In fact, wine lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit this land of vineyards in the state of Washington DC, from the coast to the Appalachian Mountains. An average trip to Virginia can become an experience of wine tourism. We can enjoy interesting visits to wineries with wine tastings, but also we will see a distinctive and unique landscape which will lead us to adventure tourism routes, such as visits to wineries preceded by kayaking, among other activities. This has meant that Virginia has been considered one of the top ten destinations in the world this 2012. Viticulture in Virginia has an excellent government support and it can be noticed.