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Rum cocktails

 TAGS:The classic rum cocktail was discovered in 1896 and known worldwide since 1898. This cocktail is called Daiquiri and was created by the American Jennings Cox, who lived in Daiquiri, Cuba.

One day he received a visit and when he realized he had no gin -which was what usually mixed with lemon- and had only rum, decided to create a cocktail with some lemons from the garden and some fruits. Later this cocktail was becoming increasingly popular in Cuba, and when the American fleet landed in Cuba, Cox offered this drink made of rum to the admiral, who -delighted- loaded a frigate with Cuban rum and introduced the "Daiquiri" in the Army and Navy Club in Washington.

Following the quick success of the Daiquiri appeared several cocktails with rum and fruit, of which today we present:

  • Creole Daiquiri
  • Pink Dreams
  • Miami Beach
  • Fruit punch with rum
  • American Grog