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Most Expensive Wines in Uvinum's blog


Don't believe the wine experts...

 TAGS:I keep defending my theory, shared by many, that you do not need to believe the wine experts (you don’t really have to listen to their advice) in order to buy the best wine, which is none other than the one you personally like most, we are thus subjective.

But marketing is a powerful tool that has helped brands and wineries which have had the good fortune of having taking a shine to the trend expert to get amazing benefits from it. That’s the trick.


World's most expensive wines

 TAGS:Have you ever thought which wine would buy if you won the lottery? It is clear that in addition to the usual, but rather than bottles or boxes, in pallets, we should probably go for one of the most expensive wines in the world. At least one bottle of some of those wines attached to a prohibitive price which only a few privileged ones can enjoy some time in their life.

I already have my Christmas lottery numbers (as I have notice that the EuroJackpot pass by every week) and have I started to investigate which ones are these wines so expensive. As you can see I feel very optimistic about the whole matter. Specifically, at web page I have found a list of the 10 most expensive wines in the world.