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Pleasure in Uvinum's blog


Poets and their favourite drinks

Drinks and poetry have always been linked and people dare to say that it was  TAGS:alcohol that inspired some of the greatest poets and writers of all times. Alcohol may have an influence on creativity but for  sure what doesn't make Shakespeare and Co  fall into oblivion was their great talent.(or we want to believe that!) Anyway, as expected, also poets and writers had their preferences in drinking. Some of their favourite drinks became so famous that even now and in many cases after their death, we are ordering them in bars without remembering their history. 

Let's start with the excellent poet Robert Burns who developed a great passion for Scotch whisky during his short life. As a real Scot, he even dedicated the poem "The Author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer” to this drink while he was writing the book "Freedom and whisky gang thegither!”.


Wine: taste and feel it!

Last weekend I had the opportunity of tasting in my family's house in Provence a 1st Cru of Burgundy. A  Montracher Chassagne of 1999. And I started with my father, Henri Bour to make a comparison of tasting that both were having with this 100% Chardonnay. It came to my mind at that moment the hundred of times that many friends had told me that they never understand at all the wine they drank.

And finally, although this is something that is achieved by tastind different wines, collecting the pleasure of tasting a wine using the different senses (in this order: sight, smell and taste) is truly a great pleasure . I have almost always hear the famous "I do not know  about wine , so I can not explain what I feel." One of the sentences that I don't agree  because I believe that there is no a single answer  to define each wine. Everyone has its own tastes  and perceive its own feelings. This is exactly what we want in Uvinum: there is no a right answer but rather a sum of opinions and recomendations  from users with different tasting profiles that can make you choose the correct wine with the best information available.

I would like to ask everyone here to do a little effort to understand what we taste, to understand wine. You do not need to do any wine courses or read any book (although it is always best if given the chance). When you taste a wine, you should try to understand, feeling it. Using the sight, the nose and mouth (even closing your eyes if you prefer) and be carried away by the sensations that wine conveys.  You can remember a fruit, spices, a land or a person. Everything is fine. What is unfortunate is that we keep drinking wine without feeling it. We are all capable of it, we just need a little effort. And believe me when you started to open your senses to the wine, drinking wine will never be the same.