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Porto in Uvinum's blog


The port wine

 TAGS:There are many styles of port wine, but four are the most important.

  • The white, which can be dry or semisweet.
  • Among the reds, the most common is the ruby, a young wine that owes its name to its color.
  • There is also the tawny, aged in wood for many years (not less than six) where by oxidation becomes a dark amber color.
  • Finally, the vintage, the wine that has given its reputation to Porto, which comes from an exceptional crop, which is bottled young, unfiltered, to maintain all its structure and fruity characteristics.

Origin of port wine

 TAGS:Great Britain not only made famous tea and whisky. Despite barely not producing wine, it also made great contributions to the development of global viticulture: British were the ones who discovered port wine. The history of this Portuguese wine dates back several centuries in the past, but it was only in the seventeenth century when English imposed it on the rest of the world. Great Britain was at war with France, which forced the Crown to declare the embargo on products from that country. It was in search of quality wines to replace the French that its citizens found that different drink, with a greater than usual alcohol content and a dry or sweet flavour, which surprised even the most demanding.