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Kosher wine

Kosher wine makes the difference. If you have already seen this label on a wine then you  TAGS:have experienced it as a different wine for sure. Actually it is a different wine but not because of its taste but because of the way in which it is produced and the importance of the production for so many people. Today I want to inform you about kosher wine.

Kosher is a hebrew word which means "pure" and kosher wine is the only wine accepted by judaism. To be taken into consideration and to be consumed,  a series of principles based on jewish tradition have to be fulfilled.


The whisky of the United States

 TAGS:The Bourbon obtained its name because the clients in New Orleans used to ask for whisky produced in Bourbon County (Kentucky) where some of the most important cities for the production are placed.

The history of this drink goes back to XVIII century when the american farmers began to distillate the remaining grain of their harvest. A new industry and tradition has just begun: the real american whisky.  The whisky production became very extended and after a discussion about the taxes collected by the government (which ended in the whisky rebellion of 1794) many of the producers moved to the south of Kentucky and Tennessee where they found excellent conditions for the production which gave them an easy access to transport ways as well as rivers. In little time places as Bardstown and Louisville flourished to prosperous communities of whisky producers.