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Red Wine Benefits in Uvinum's blog


Stellenbosch, the great South African wine area

 TAGS:Italy, France, Spain, United States ... Now the big wine producers will have to count with countries referred as the 'new world', (talking about wine aspects). There are many areas of the world where good wines are made, and among them, South Africa is an emerging area that stands out for the quality of its wines. It has 100,000 hectares of vines, being the seventh largest producer of wine.


Wine improves pig heart

 TAGS:I'm still amazed at one of the latest studies to which I have had access. The scientific community has that innate ability for surprising us almost every week, but the research which has concluded that wine improves pig heart deserves at least this post...

Let's point out: all the data provided by this study, conducted by the illustrious Frank Sellke (chief of cardiothoracic surgery at the Hospital of Rhode Island) materializes these benefits do not come from the intake of any type of wine, but red wine. Thanks God they have not gone into detail about wineries, brands, etc ... because I really prefer not to even imagine (would they have decanted it before serving it?).