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Red Wines From Rioja in Uvinum's blog


A walk over Rioja wines

 TAGS:A stroll through La Rioja will lead us to discover places as impossible as a river that disappears to re-emerge from the earth kilometers later (Oja river), a hen that crowed after being roasted or an elephants path downtown Logroño. Although you may think you know this region, you always get surprised again as with their Rioja wine, famous and often requested throughout the world, but impossible to pigeonhole.

As both my mother and my grandmother come from La Rioja, the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this post’s topics is good food. Potatoes with chorizo, a sort of potatoes stew from Rioja, are proof of that. A simple recipe makes a genius dish that everybody loves. To match this delicious sausage flavour (mmmhhh! how good are those from the restaurant "Chicote") the best we can choose is a Rioja red wine from the year or a rosé one (which in the region is called “clarete”). Best served cool.