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Sangria in Uvinum's blog


3 Sangrias to organize a party

 TAGS:Sangria is a typical Spanish drink, which is consumed especially in summer. It is much more Spanish than for example wine, where we compete with the French or English or beer, with Belgians and Germans, as main producers. In whole Europe (or in the whole world) sangria is the Spanish ambassador par excellence and the secret of success of the Spanish summer.

Its preparation is very easy and varied. Sangria is a "wine punch" and it's the easy result of mixing red wine, a citrical juice, fruits and sometimes a little bit of brandy or some similar liqueur. There are also sangrias with Cava or Cider that contain different ingredients.That's why in today's post instead of showing you how to prepare home-made sangria, we recommend you 3 of the best sangrias for a party.

3. Sangría Pinord Racimo: The stylish one

 TAGS:Sangría Pinord Racimo 75clSangría Pinord Racimo 75cl

Sangría Pinord Racimo 75cl, with the best shape



2. Sangría Costa Brava: The modern one

 TAGS:Sangría Costa Brava 1LSangría Costa Brava 1L

Sangría Costa Brava 1L, one of the most famous Spanish producers offer a Sangria you can take to every place.



1. Sangria Real: The international

 TAGS:Real Sangría Bag 3LReal Sangría Bag 3L

Real Sangría Bag 3L, an international Sangria that is sold in Europe and the United States, responsible for its big success.


Summer is coming... And sangria!

 TAGS:It's one of the most international Spanish drinks. Everyone has sometimes drunk sangria, that drink that comes always by the summer thanks to its refreshing powers.

Although there are many ways to make sangria, the most traditional is really simple and inexpensive, since you have just to mix wine with portions of various fruits and ice. The secret of its flavor depends on the quality of the fruit and wine used.

A popular sangria which you can get at a lot of places in our country, puts together peaches, lemon and orange, sugar, gin, macerated red wine, a glass of lemon soda and lemon slices. Add a lot of ice, shake and serve in a large jar, since it will be usually consumed by several people.


When the heat comes, is the wine over?

 TAGS:I disagree with the statement "when the heat comes, buy wine is over." It is true that beer is a tough opponent for the grape juice in the coming months, especially when taking a walk we found that almost all the terraces we see in our way look like scenes of a beer commercial.

But we do not have to be alarmed because there are solutions to continue enjoying our favorite wines in and summer, of course! When temperatures rise, drinking a thick, dense, dark, powerful red wine may be our last wish... we feel like for something cooler. No problem, we can order a white wine, for instance a Riesling, a Sauvignon Blanc, an Albariño ... mmmmhhhhhh! It has to be served chilled in a glass ad hoc and it will leave us with a colorful sensation: freshness, fruit and flowers notes, aroma ... beers cannot be compared with this.