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The drinks of Sex and the City

 TAGS:There was  a time when I was waiting for the adventures of Carrie&Co on the television set with excitement the whole week.  Have you gone through this as well?..Come on, admit your addiction..

From Downtown to Manhattan, the protagonists didn't leave out just one singular hotspot or fashionable bar. It doesn't matter if they were shot in trendy street coffee shops or singular bars as the Bed Club, where you lie on beds and drink and eat, we all remember the scenes that made us so jealous in every episode. And honestly who wouldn't like to party as Carrie and her friends just once in her life?

As it happened with Carrie's favourite high-heels, the Manolo Blahniks, there are cocktails that became famous thanks to the series.


The favourite drinks of celebrities

The variety of drinks on the market is so big that every decision we take, directly reflects  TAGS:our preferences and personality. Today I want to inform you about the favourite drinks of some celebrities.

  • Queen Elizabeth II: The favourite drinks of the Queen are Gin and Dubonnet with two ice cubes and one slice of lemon without seeds. This information became public thanks to a documentary that achieved an increase in sale of these drinks.
  • JK Rowling: This famous writer known for her book series Harry Potter affirmed that her favourite drink was Gin Tonic, which is definitely one of the finest drinks.
  • Simon Cowell: A recognized member of the jury of "The X Factor" is allergic to certain foodstuffs. That's why his favourite drink is beer without yeast of Sapporo from Japan.