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Top Beer Consuming Countries in Uvinum's blog


Top beer consuming countries (and II)

 TAGS:In the previous post I left you yearning for more, but it was only due to space and time reasons. I imagine that many people are looking forward to know both the classification of countries where more liters of pure alcohol are consumed, such as those in which more beer is drunk per year. And that's what I came to offer today.
The 10 countries in which more liters of pure alcohol are consumed per person and year (considering only people 15 years and older) are, according to the World Health Organization, the following:


Top beer consuming countries I

 TAGS:Taking a look on "The Drinks Business" web I saw that they published the other day an interesting article in which they offered a ranking of world’s top beer consuming countries. The data provided were drawn from the website of the World Health Organization but there was a misunderstanding ... the ranking did not show the ten countries that consumed more beer but those who consume more liters of pure alcohol in general.

Aside from the discomfort of many users who were visibly offended to read that Germany and Ireland were not among the top places of the list, the point is clear: beer has less alcohol than wine and even less than distillates.