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Valencian Community in Uvinum's blog


Discover the appellations of origin of the Valencian Community

 - The wines of Valencian Community have a special charm and are possible thanks to the strength of the Mediterranean land resulting in noble wines of long tradition. So, the presence of wine in this community comes from ancient times, with the advent of the Romans and the Arab conquest.


The wines of Alicante


Spain has exceptional wines in each of its provinces. Alicante could not be less, and the DOP Alicante ensures enhancing its wines and expanding its sales and popularity.

We're talking about wines elaborated thanks to a wide variety of climates, where the Mediterranean is one of the highlights. The style of the wines of Alicante is one of their values, and the winemakers from this area struggle everyday for it. Its wide range of wines offers different tastes, so there's one for every type of consumer. Choose yours!