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Wine Accessories in Uvinum's blog


5 wine accessories for a perfect service

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Not every day we have the time to relax and have wine, with the ritual required, leaving the wine to aerate properly and enjoying it at the right temperature. Fortunately, not all wines require such elaborate preparations, and we can enjoy great wines with only opening the bottle and drink.

But if you are someone who occasionally likes to enjoy a quiet drink, without stress, and a good conversation in the background, today we present 5 wine accessories that you should not miss:


Valentine Gifts (last)

CorkscrewToday we finish our (bizarre) collection for Valentine's Day gifts with a few "special" accessories that will turn your special day into a nightmare full experience. And we have some gifts that will test your love, take a look: 

We begin with this heart corkscrew, classic style, suitable only for experts (and lovers without much thirst). Opening corks whith this system is not the easiest way but it comes useful with  long corks - once experienced.


Valentine Gifts (III)

Heart stopperWe continue preparing Valentine’s Day! We want to organize a perfect evening for you and your partner and, of course, we must look to the last detail, right? So today we discover accessories you can add to this day. We’ve got to talk about wine corks. 

Yes, there are wine stoppers designed to use when we uncork a bottle and want to keep whatever we don’t drink and we have not kept the cork or it is not in the best conditions, or we simply want to have a stylish item. And it is in this area where, at least on the Internet, there is more creativity and variety associated with St. Valentine. 

We start with a fine item with love: This is a huge wire heart wraped around the bottle. Note the 2 smaller hearts hanging, and in each hart there is a stamped word "you" and "me", so romantic, but not too practical when you go and keep the wine in the fridge, right? 


Valentine Gifts (II)

Heart-style decanterValentine's Day comes and we need to serve a glass of love to our partner (corny, huh?). But what would you use to aerate wine? What decanter to use? In Uvinum we’ll show you some of the most interesting (and loving) wine decanters.

In first place, we present an original decanter with a heart figure inserted, so Ideal for gifts with a message like: "You take my heart and hope you can fill the gap", or "With love and love I give this decanter" if you're a little more posh.

But of course, beyond the esthetic taste, the truth is that this fancy decanter is quite useful, practical and manageable to handle due to that hole in the middle. For now, it seems like a good Valentine's gift. 


The most original accessories for wine

Wine aereator

Are you planning presents for the 2011? Boring socks and the "essential" scarf? We've searched for some of the most amazing gifts, from the (sometimes), amazing world of wine accessories, and we bring them here to you just in case you need to return the "detail" to a "friend"

First, we’ll go with an accessory that is elegant and practical: a fixture electric wine aerator, which lets your aged wine or large reserve wine on the best conditions in less than 1 minute: 

Bosch corkscrewIf the gift that you have received is fun for you, and comes from a "handyman" nothing better than this “Bosch screwdriver” limited edition which comes with an accessory to uncork wines: