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Wine Labels in Uvinum's blog


New tendencies in wine designs

Boarding pass shirazFrom time to time we like to review the new trends in designs of wine, and now that the 2011 vintage is going on, is a good time to take a look at fashion in this important packaging, trying to figure out how will we get surprised this year.

Wineries are generally not very innovative in this matter although there are exceptions, but if we go abroad we see wine labels and designs that surprise us every day, both label and bottles.


Wine Designs

Vi novell

From time to time we like to show you the design novelties and issues related to wine. Today we'll show you some of the "trendy" models of bottles and packaging of wine in general:

Celler the Masroig designs a new label for Vi novell 2010, their young red wine. The new design is based on computer graphics which has great success on the Internet.
A few weeks ago, at Fenavin, we talked with the winery Lamarca Wines, maker of wines such as Cojón de Gato Gewürztraminer 2010 ("Cat balls"). They showed us the new wines they have prepared, a white wine, a rosé and a red wine presented in an aluminum bottle.