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Wines From Spain in Uvinum's blog


Wine destinations for early New Year travellers

 TAGS:If you are so lucky that on the early year you can leave home to travel to any domestic or international destination to disconnect, meet friends, relax, go out and forget about the routine you can also take the chance to do a bit of wine and food tourism, which never hurts and helps expand knowledge in these matters.

For example, if you are in the lucky group that will spend these days of January in the Canary Islands enjoying the good weather and the beach, then there is nothing better than to taste a Malvasia, sweet or dry. But if you are looking for bodied red wines with high dose of design (outside on the bottle), you cannot go without bringing in the suitcase a Suertes del Marqués El Esquilón, which is also great and surprises with its  combination of Tintilla and Black Listán grapes.